hello all.
let me begin by stating i know nothing about computer hardware because i never experienced any problems till now. my toshiba satellite p35 laptop went dead on me last week. i wasnt doing anything or recently installed anything out of the ordinary. i received a blue screen error message but was strapped for time so i didnt bother reading it, thinking it was nothing serious (i do remember it saying something about changing something in the bios) now when i turn it on it just gives a blank screen. the laptop sounds like its booting normally for about 3 secs, then dies down as if it were hibernating. after hours of forum searching, i find that when i press fn + f5 it changes the screen view, so i power on the laptop and press the keys real quick and im able to see the loading screen and windows loading screen then i get an black screen error message ive never seen and cant find any info at all on any forum about it. i dont have my laptop with me at the moment so i cant remember in great detail but the 1st line of the message was something like
then it began listing numerical values for a bunch of categories ive never seen ( two of them i think were 'gti limit' and gtd limit). i dont know anything about bios but i tried a bunch of trial n error changes, and also downloaded bios update to cd and tried booting from it but nothing. when i try to use the system restore cd it will freeze at the 'starting windows' screen.
Would this problem be fixable by a comp tech without requiring the purchase of new parts?any help on this is greatly appreciated.

*oh yeah,possibly relevant background info- not too long ago i had to bring my laptop to a tech to fix a *run kernal for dlls*? error and to clean the fans because i experienced a lot of overheating

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also i forgot to add the beeping sound from the speakers. there was no pattern just a long, loud, annoying cry :(


You probably picked up a virus that corrupted the bios. You should contact the manufacturer to provide you with Bootable bios cd (taking that is possible to boot from cd now) and support in general. I understand that that model don't come with floppy drive. If it were, then the problem would be solveable without replacing bios chip.

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