Hello! Maybe someone here can help me :)

My desktop was working perfectly This morning and then this evening I moved it literally two inches and now the monitor won't display anything. The monitor works great, but what concerns me is that the Desktop turns off rather quickly. It used To always take forEver.

I've moved over from the vga to an hdmi. I took out the graphiCs card so that it has to use the one on The motherboard but then It still didn't display anytHing. This makes me suspect that its the motherboard.

Any tips would be appreciated before I go drop it Off at some repair place. Thanks ;)

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Plug the monitor into another PC if you have one to test. Try a new cable incase the current one is faulty. Triple check that the video card the port is on is actually enabled. Make sure the cable is snug in both the monitor and the video port. Try another video port if you have one. Connect the external monitor to a laptop if you don't have another desktop? Try lots of different scenarios to troubleshoot.

Tried all That. Thanks though. I will be taking it to a repair place so it will be working before school starTs.

How many monitors are plugged in?

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