A friend of mine is having lock up problem, the PC always boots up but randomly locks up every couple of days, sometimes more. On two occasions, at least, the computer locked up while surfing the web, the monitor went black, and the PC started beeping until I turned it off. I also heard a grinding noise coming from the PC, but it disappeared when I turned it off. Grinding noise had to be the two fans or hard drive, there are no other moving parts. The PC started up no problem when I rebooted it. I opened the case and made sure all the fans were working, thinking it may be the CPU fan. I cannot determine where the noise is coming from (happens too randomly), I watched the CPU fan for a few minutes and it seemed to be running fine, as did all the power supply fan (though I couldn't see it, I felt it.) Was wondering if anyone experienced something similar with a Gateway or other PC, could help me determine what the issue is. thanks!!

check the Smart log for the hard drive most newer comp. have a viewable log to look at or get a program like Everest and view the Smart table and see if your hard drive is the problem here.

great idea! the PC is starting to show BSoD's and running Recovery Console at boot. All of this happened in the last few hours. I'm taking it home with me today and I'm going to watch it closely for a little while. I'll post results as soon as I have some.

Couldn't get any SMART data, went into BIOS and turned SMART on, but it doesn't seem to work or be a SMART drive. Every test I've done on the HDD seems to be okay, though...Still locking up, thought maybe it was an Internet Explorer problem but still happens after installing Firefox and asking the owners they try that instead.

Check temps on CPU and GPU use a program like Everest and watch the temps from start to crash and see if they are going too high.There are several posts on this site that pertain to such lockups and screen bankings and this my be your friends problem.Good luck.Just use your modle # when searching through all these posts.