hello I am using aspire 4730z and windows 7 32 bit sp1
one of the speaker is not working
perviously its working fine
this problem occurs when I formatted and reinstalled windows 7

kindly help me to fix this problem
thanks for your time

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Seems to me that you forgot to install required drivers. You might get them online. Just Google it .


one of the speaker is not working

How many speakers do you owe ? Is it a Surround System ?


in built right and left speakers
left speaker is not working


After gathering data from the above conversation the following are to be checked:

I can say that your motherboard driver may not be properly installed. It also may cause such problems.

Try to reinstall the motherboard driver and audio driver.

And kindly reply me whether the heat produced by your laptop is less or more. Because the heat may result in the fault of wire connection between the motherboard and the speakers.

test the sound with the headphone,whether you are getting the same prob.Reply this too.

If the problem exists still, then I can say only one thing. You speaker is out


head phone is working properly,
but one speaker is not working


It's been a while since I last opened a laptop of that model but if memory serves, the speakers are connected to the motherboard beneath the keyboard. It might be an idea to whip the keyboard off and check the faulty speaker plug to make sure it hasn't worked loose.

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