They say asking a proper question is also a skill, one I haven't mastered yet. This is the official excuse I'll use for my lack of knowledge =p

Here is my problem. On my personal custom build computer I recently bought, my keyboard is slow to respond if I keep a key pressed in for a long time. this is mostly only noticeable in FPS games, like walking forward/backwards/left/right, it will walk for awhile, then just stop, and I will have to press again to be able to move in the desired direction, this is quite annoying =p

I was using a logitech wireless keyboard at the that time, and I thought this might have been the problem, so I plugged in my old standard ps2 keyboard ( with a USB adapter ) since my new computer doesn't have ps/2 ports. but the problem persists.

What can cause this?

This is the computer specs

INTEL® "Extreme Series" "Smack Over" X58 - Socket LGA1366
Intel® Core™ i7 930 Processor - 2.80GHz Quad Core
2048MB Dimms (240pin. 1333MHz) x3
Windows 7 Home Premium x86 ( yes yes I know, the idiots who build the machine installed 86x, guess I should have requested x64)

my next step would be to just go buy a USB keyboard, but maybe its something else.

can someone please help?

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try a USB keyboard, and get back to me.

Hey, got a usb keyboard, and the problem presists? :/

sounds like it might be a driver issue. uninstall the old ones and get new ones.

could you also post the model of the keyboards?

That problem aside, get a copy of 64 bit windows.

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