After my lappy automatically downloaded updates the other day, It now wont start at all. Recieve black screen with 5 options, 3 safe mode options, last known good config, and start windows normally. None of which lead anywhere. Cant even enter in safe mode to roll back drivers. No recovery cd either?!

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Only thing you can try, besides reinstalling the windows, is to boot from Installation CD, choose "-r" for repair mode (will be promped for administrator password) and type:


(followed by enter, naturally)
That will fix any errors it finds on disk. After it's done type:
EXIT (or QUIT, to reboot, never will remeber)

I doubt it will help you. Never did to me, but it's a possibility.


when i bought the laptop(new), Windows xp was already on it, i just had to activate it. So i dont have the installation cd.I have alot of important info on the hard drive that i need for work, so i cant lose. Is there nothing that can be done through the bios or other startup modes?


You don't have to format disk in order to reinstall the windows.
You DO have to have installation CD along with Drivers CD, manual, waranty and so. Windows Installation CD is a MUST. You better chack the bill if you actually PAID for the windows. If you did, better storm in that store where you bought it, grab some necks 'cos you've been had. Or they simply forgot to put it in the bag.

If you didn't pay...you had an ILLEGAL copy of windows installed (Bill Gates Says 1 PC - 1 CD).


I bought it over the net through ebay. The pricks!! Will any XP installation cd work?

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