5160 Dell loaptop fails to boot past say 75% cant enter setup/ safe mode/ nouthing as the laptop will not do anything but hang up idears please.

have tride replacing Ram modgel + H disk still no go fan runs MB clean no dust :)

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5160 Dell loaptop fails to boot past say 75%

75% past what? does it clearly pass the Power On Self test (POST)? Do you see Windows trying to load?

What operating system are you working with?

No dose not get that far hangs at 75% of the boot up bar bottom of the start screen OS windows XP

Could be an issue with your OS. If you download a bootable Linux distro from CD, if it boots properly, its a fairly good indicator your hardware is OK.

Reinstal your operating system by normal formating your hard drive if problem presist then try to change cpu or ram but hanging due to this fault in very some rare cases

No go with that idea as unable to boot system that far, Hard disk has been replaced with a new one with a new copy of XP installed. I have already removed and replaced the Ram and tested the old Ram in another computer and it seems to be ok.

Did you try to boot to a bootable OS on a CD to rule out the hard drive or local OS? If you still have a problem with this test, it indicates issues with the system.

Yes trid to boot fom a bootable disk but it would not have it at all just hangs up same place on boot up....

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