I am using a cpu of seagate the problrm is that it gives abnormal sounds. the sound increase when application are opening. Why this happens and what may be its remedy?

Hi there
well first off im sure you know a cpu cant make a sound independantly,but i guess you refering to the cpu thats causing it to make a sound
is it beep codes humming beeps...?? what sound does it make

Im guessing you mean the Hard drive when you say seagate????

If its making unusual sounds that seem out of the normal to you, this usually means that its about to go south for the winter. (Mechanical failure)

Back up any important data that you have on it while your still able, and then you can ride it into the dirt......

i dunno exactly which kinda sound u gettin .... if its the hissing kinda sound then two possibilities i guess.. either your harddrive is the reason for sound as u access more or the fan or ur processor and cabinet... check it...

If this is a desktop open the case and see if you can isolate the noise. If you think it is coming from the hdd you can take a long handled wooden or plastic spoon and place the end of the handle to the hdd case and the other end against your ear, if the noise is coming from there you will be able to hear is clearly.

A CPU can't make sounds. the Fan on the CPU can make some pretty annoying sounds. when you say Seagate do you mean your hard drive? to my knowledge Seagate doesn't make a CPU.

I was thinking maby his refering to the small speaker in the case making anoying sounds and thinking its caused by the cpu.

possibly... but the whole Seagate thing is throwing me off.