Hello All,

Here's a problem that keeps me out of my sleep the last days. :)

Notebook Acer Aspire 1711smi
Brandnew Pentium IV 2,8 GHz/533 MHz FSB
512Mb memory PC2700/DDR333
Geforce Go5700 64Mb video
80Gb 3,5" Harddisk WD

Bought this notebook a week ago, broken, and trying to fix it.

Problem: System powers up, screen lights up and then there's a blinking cursor for half a second that dissapears and nothing happens. No POST-screen or BIOS entry.

When hooked up to a monitor I still get the blinking cursur but it stays blinking.

The harddisk is out of another machine and is working in that one. I tried it as Master/Slave/CS but no luck.

Disconnected everything except videocard (reseated), memory and CPU/cooler. Still no startup.

I'm fearing a broken MB, but maybe some of you have refreshing ideas. :-)


Problem solved: The videocard was broken. Put in a new one and it works!!

Now a new problem: Can't get the system to install the NVIDIA-drivers for the VGA-card (Geforce FX GO5600) and it keeps it on "standard VGA-card".

Anyone? :-)

Well, I fixed it myself completely. Took the defective VGA-card and heated it up. And now, magic!!! The dead card works again flawlessly. So it looked like a defective solderpad.