How can I manually go in and find the win 7 product key on my dell inspiron laptop it is not on the bottom of my laptop

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If it is not on the bottom of your laptop then you need to contact Dell.

While the product key utilities Zelkea mentioned are great, Dell is required in its OEM agreement with Microsoft to put the product code certification seal on your machine. Even if the utilities find it, you need to contact Dell to get a seal.


Let me get this straight, if you bought a laptop from dell and over time the sticker was ripped, missing, faded, etc. You would contact the manufacture to get a replacement versus using one of the said utilities?

When Dell refuses to send you a brand new license key since they do not track keys to machines what would you do then go buy a new license?

If that is true you are a better man than I am, I would grab my legally purchased license versus buying a new one regardless of the state of the sticker. That is if I was just reinstalling my OS on the same equipment.

Zelkea - if the cert is rubbed off over time, Dell does not have to replace it. My comment about Dell only applies if you bought the machine and it somehow arrives without it. I do know a couple people who got machines through the Dell outlet with OS's on the machine where this happened.

Your suggested links, with others, are a great way to get the number manually, and if this is an old machine I hope the OP will try one.


Gotcha, that makes perfect sense now, thanks for the clarification. You had me questioning my ethics with regards to licensing :).

Licensing questions are always sticky, aren't they, Zelkea?

They sure are! I am glad we were able to upgrade to datacenter licenses which covers our virtual farm now I don't have to worry about my MS OS's just everything else :ooh:

i want product id no i have bought dell laptop before 5th month , a massage come for activation product ke is xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx but id required for activatoin please send id no as early as possible
thanking you sir

There was no need to put your product key up [a moderator should delete that ,please...].
When you install Windows and enter that above product key a Product ID will be created. You can find that by looking at My Computer properties... it is in the registration information. You don't need it. A hardware identifier is also created from some of your hardware serials, models... this and the above Product ID are used to create a unique Installation ID. That is what is needed to activate by telephone, and when you go through the process of doing that, that Installation ID will be revealed to you.
To activate by internet, you need know none of the above.

Don't know what is happenning...! My home premium product is not working. The computer shows Error of 0*C004C008 text message and shows the options of buying new product key, retype of product key & Using Automated phone...OOOoo I'm loosing mind,is there any hope of getting + working from same product key??? Some of my friend told that its impossible in country Like Nepal...

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