I have a new Dell Inspiron 660, with an intel core i3 3.4 GHz Sandy Bridge processor. Is there a way that I can overclock this CPU to around 3.6-3.7 GHz? I know that overclocking capabilities are not that great for this processor, but I am trying to get a little bit extra umph. Also, how would I overclock the built in GPU (it is part of the processor).

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i think no oc at DELL / HP / ACER

The Dell 660 has a i3-2120. And yes, you can overclock but only upto a limit .Its not advisable to oc unless you have a good case with a good cooling system. If you plan on overclocking, get a good cooling fan or a liquid cooling system if you plan on using this system for a longer period of time. Good Luck!

no .. the DELL is locked bios , overclock not only good system, but must understand the hardware, motehrboard, CPU, PSU .. ask to me in the THG lol

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