My graphics card has been overheating i think or getting to the point of almost overheating... When i turn my computer on even when i have the entire left side off and a huge fan blowing in my monitor will show thin weird lines and dashes of either florecent green, yellow, or blue. When i touched my graphoics card i almost burt my hand what can i do to fix this problem? (i dont have any slots open so rule out a pci slot fan)

Is the card dusty? Do you have proper ventilation in your case? What kind of card is this?

If your system is so cramped, might you need to reconsider the kind of graphics card that you have?

those are artifacts, maybe the gpu is warped, did you ever bend the card,
maybe it once overheated and now permanently damaged the gpu.

try take it out, take of the radiator, clean it completely, (and the fan). then buy some zalman ram heatsinks (theyre like 3 bucks here for 5 of them) and mount them onto the video ram chips (the small black things saying either hynix or samsung or something)