Hello everyone, i'm a new user and welcome all of your input.
My cd drive has started acting up lately. It will spin and read any original cd i place in; however, it will not spin any burned discs that i place. I don't think it is a problem with the burned discs themselves because they spin perfectly well in my work computer. when i place them in my drive at home, the drive makes a funny sound as if it trying to spin, but it can't. when i replace it with any original disc it spins fine. any suggestions?
thanks in advance.

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Question, are these RW or possibly DVD discs
Some drives do not support CD-RW
If you are using DVD's there are plus and minus issues

No added lables I assume...

Very odd...


I have that exact same problem! it's a real pain and I would appreciate it very much if someone told me a solution to this problem, I've been searching around on the internet lots and I still can't seem to find a solution :(.


Does this happen with other media that you have recorded, CD-R, CD+R?

jbennet...your problem sounds more like firmware.


this has happened on numerous drives of different brands on numerous machines - laptop and budget drives go first. seems they wear out after time as they find it hard to read certain disks. Also, anyone who owns a PS2 will aware of this problem

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