When i turned on the computer, it beeps 3 times. The first time was a long beep and the last two deeps was short. And the screen was blank, and i could hear that the HD is working, sounds like it's booting ok but the screen was blank.

What's problem?
Thank you

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Dear Friends, When i turn on my computer the Red light is on but the green light is off. and No beep.. and after 10-15 Minutes, when i press Re-start button the green ligh with beep sound .. then computer works o.k........ i hope you understand my problem of computer ..... it's start very late after 15 minutes..... why,,, do you have any answer

It is not polite to post your question like this...
You need to start your own thread...
But.. to suggest an answer to your question..
It sounds like your cmos battery is dead or dying...
(silver disc usually about the size of a quarter)

To answer the original post we will need to know what BIOS is in the system. There are different beep codes for different BIOS..
Award, Phoenix, AMI etc... Your sequence looks like it is from Award..

It looks like a video adapter error.
I would reseat the video card....

Award BIOS is very common. But, they don't do much in the way of beep codes. Award holds that the only BIOS beeps you will hear are 1 Long, and some short combination after. They all indicate a problem either with memory or video, as these are the only problems that would keep the system from doing anything. Any other errors will be given an on-screen error.

Beep sequence What's Wrong
1 Long Beep indicates a problem with memory in the first bank, usually an unseated memory module

1 Long, 2 Short indicates a problem with the video card or the memory on it

1 Long, 3 short also indicates a problem with video or the memory on video card

Continuous this usually indicates a problem with the memory, but sometimes is a video problem

well if u ask me......i dont feel its the CMOS battery.try doing this...when u start the computer remove all the PCI cards...obviously excluding the AGP or the video card. then try starting the computer...when u do that the computer might beep ...or it might not....if it does....remove one of the RAMS and then try doing it....similarly once the first one is tested try removing the second ram and insert the first one in...if the system still beeps...its time for u to change the motherboard.


It would help to know what kind of computer or motherboard you have, I have a MSI which recently had the same beep sequence while doing the POST, and mine was indicating a hard drive problem.

I know you have an MSI motherboard but what type of BIOs is on that system?

Hey Thong_Ispector...thank you for the subtle correction, the POST is BIOS, there for the indicator is not from the motherboard, I think I got that right. Sorry, didn't mean to disrupt this thread...my BIOS is AMI (03/09/00). BTW, is there any place that I could get a free update for my BIOS?

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