I was using my Toshiba Satellite A135-S4478 near a working LCD monitor. All at once, the screen display of the laptop got scrambled and unresponsive. When i forced the laptop off and on again, only the power led comes on. No activity. The screen won't turn on, CPU fan not working. Could this be the cause of radiations from the LCD monitor?

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I don't think its related to being near an LCD monitor.

Sounds like hardware issue with the laptop.. Could be related to the power supply, motherboard, failure with any component that connects to be motherboard. Hard to say exactly without looking at the device and testing components.

Ok. I will try testing the components one after the other to see which one does not respond. Funny enough, the power led turns on and remains on. The CPU rans for about 3 seconds and then goes cold. The HDD Led also blinks once and evertything goes cold. But you could hear the usual humming sound of a working motherboard

Agree with George m, to me it sounds like overheating, which causes nearly all computers, laps and towers to switch off or go cold if they get to hoy. If there is a lot of dust or dirt on cooling fans, of heat sinks this will cause immediate shut down to protect the electronics, check all fans, gratings and heat sinks and ventilation to ensure good airflow

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