Going into the holidays presents its own issues, however I digress. I have a Compaq R4000. I have run all anti-virus(avast), malware (malwarebytes), etc, st,al. All of my graphics have have changed' Everything that was white is pink, my screensaver is green and black. Do you think it is an inverter problem, LCD problem, backlight problem, Do I have something I am overlooking? TIA

Its either the inverter or else someone has been playing with the accessibility features and put the high contrast mode on.

I am this close to buying a LCD just so I can troubleshoot it myself...if not to figure it out,but to help others.

Does it do it in the BIOS menu?

BTW, I was thinking inverter or backlight. I just haven't backed up this computer in a couple weeks and can't lose what is on here. Thank you for your help.

I updated the BiOS about 3 weeks ago. I am figuring out things as I go, I am pretty smart but knowing if it is hard ware vs. software, ..and I am typing on a hotpink screen. It honestly would not matter to me, but I really have some things on my computer that are not able to be replaced. If you have any suggestions that would be great. Like I said, I think I may be over thinking.=(

If it does it in a) another os like a windows install cd or a linux livecd or b) the bios menu then it indicates a hardware fault. if it is indeed a hardware fault then im 95% certain its the inverter

Thanks for your help.