I have a Toshiba Satellite a75 S209 that does not power on. When I plug in my power adapter all I get is the green led on the front of the laptop for power blinking non stop, no sequence just fast blips for ever. The led on power supply stays on solid. Every once in awhile if I unplug and replug back in, the power led and the orange battery led stay solid for about 3 seconds then it returns to infinite blinking on the power led and that's it. I have tried removing battery and holding down power button to no avail. When led on front for power blinks the fan on the bottom does a 1/4 turn every time it blinks. Any ideas would be very helpful. Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
There may be someone here with experience with this problem and therefore maybe a suggestion to try, but I think it is time to see a service tech and let them advise you on the situation. With the fan turning a 1/4 of a turn sounds like a power problem, but where that problem is??

Try removing the battery, plugging in the power cord, and booting. Post results/changes.

I've got the same laptop with the same problem and I did remove the battery and pluging it back in and the light continues to blink and the fans continue the 1/4 turn any more ideas thanks

Same issue with Satellite L500. Tried everything found throughout google. Beginning to think it's the processor. Wish I had a known-working one to test it out with!

The most that cost the problem is with the VGA and the Chipset wonder if you have those tools to remove those things in your country

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