Hi folks,

My onboard VGA display port is not working. When I start machine display toggles 'ON'/'OFF' in series and after 10 seconds monitor goes blank. My doubt is that the VGA port has some issues. I've checked monitor by connecting it to laptop. Its working fine.

So my question is.. if I add PCI VGA card or PCI DVI card on motherboard, will my display work? Or I must have to go for graphics card? My computer usage is normal(movie/songs/documents/internet). No Gaming.

My desktop configuration is
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400
Motherboard: Intel D945GCCR
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2033w

Thanks in adavance.


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The add-on card is the trick that solved that problem for me. Looks like your MB has a PCIe x16 slot, which is pretty much what you'll need for video cards these days, (PCI cards are getting harder to find).

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Congratulations on finding the card you need.

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The add-on card is the trick that solved that problem for me. Looks like your MB has a PCIe x16 slot, which is pretty much what you'll need for video cards these days, (PCI cards are getting harder to find).

@GhostWolf: Thanks for your reply. As you said my motherboard has PCIe x16 slot. However my desktop configuration is pretty old, year 2007 purchase and I use it as a backup or emergency work. I don't want to spend much money on graphics card.
PCI VGA cards are cheaper (Rs. 500 approx) than graphics cards(at least Rs. 2000).

I've checked online, the PCI VGA cards are available on ebay.


Congratulations on finding the card you need.

f**k you taherzezo..

Hi, your selected card should be within spec for your tasks and considering your market (almost all other items being new high spec video cards) is very cost effective.

Be advised if required , using a different bus will require more attention to installation procedure being careful to uninstall the previous video device control applet via add/remove and video device via device manager, then upon restarting enter BIOS setup to change bios settings for "first boot display" : onboard video to addon card (terminolgy is different for various bios vendors)
save and force power off computer, install the pci video card and start computer
Now should initialise via addon card, then Windows plug&play should detect the new hardware, but as you have a driver install disk , cancel plug&play install and run the driver disk to manually install

Thanks tigerbright for added information.

I have bought 'Enter PCI VGA card' for Rs. 300 in local market. It has ATI Rage XL chip. http://www.enter-addon.com/pci_vga_8mb.aspx

However that card driver CD doesn't contain drivers for Windows 7. I was able to get only basic resolution 1024x768. Even on internet I searched for drivers but haven't got any useful.

So finally I'm thinking of buying low priced graphics card (<=3k).


Hello Amar , you can try this driver including the catalyist configuration suite
Is for Windows 7 32bit

best, if not already installed, to also install the display inf system config file (can be known as a driver) rather than using generic.
search: display manufacturer+model+driver
Download to a user created folder, then access the display via device manager, click on properties > update driver, navigate to the inf folder, click on inf file to update
If using a lcd display ensure set for 60Hz
If no joy reduce colour depth to 16bit
restart computer and access resolution


ps here is how to uninstall current ati driver set

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