Ok, I have an ASUS m4a7bt-e motherboard that had been working fine. One day it powered on but didn't boot.

The configuration of my pc is as follows:

8 gb ram
AMD six core cpu
blue-ray burner/player
1 tb HD
I'm using the onboard video

All cables are connected properly, the green led comes on when I press the power button, the fans come on, I can hear the hard drive spin up and I can press the open button on the blue ray player with no problem. The only piece of hardware that doesn't do anything is the cpu.

Here is what I did to troubleshoot:

  1. I unplugged all the unnecesary cables from the motherboard and the devices.
  2. I made sure that memory was properly inserted.
  3. I then powered up the pc and still no cpu activity.
  4. I cleared the cmos, no change.
  5. I then inserted a pci-e video card in and connected the monitor to it, no change (the monitor says no video regardless I use the onboard or pci-e card).
  6. I then let it run for a minute or two, powered off, unplugged the power cord, removed the heat sink and found that the cpu was not hot or warm.
  7. I then inserted the cpu into another motherboard (a gigabyte), no change. I then followed all the steps previously listed and still no change.

That doesn't sound like a bad motherboard. What are the chances that I have two motherboards that are bad?

Give me your thoughts as to if my assumption is correct or was my troubleshooting process not correct?

Thanks for you help

Try removing all USB sticks, CD's and hard drives and booting it up. If shows something like no OS to boot, hard disk may be damaged.

i have the same situation. I'm at the point of tring a different cpu in my mobo as I am not getting the system to post. I think it has to be the mobo, cpu or psu. I eliminated the psu last night as the issue. This is my second mobo with the exact same problem. I think it has to be the cpu as the likely hood of having to bad new mobos in a row is slim. I will follow-up after I check the cpu.

UPDATE: I installed a different cpu in the board that was not working and the system posted and is working. My processor was bad. I bet my other mobo works as well with a processor that works.

You should try another CPU or make sure the CPU that you are using is compatibale with the board. Is you system posting at all? Does anything show on the screen? If you remove ram and the mobo does not beep it could be another sign of bad cpu.

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