forgot my administration password to my dell latitude d600. can. you help

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Unless you have a password rescue disk, there really isnt a supported way to recover the password.

There are quite a bit of third party tools that allow you to boot up (typically using a Linux based OS on CD or USB) and reset the administrator password. A quick search online will result in multiple options.

Just like JorgeM said, you can download a linux kernel ( BT, Kali- preferred ) burn that to a cd / dvd .. boot up your pc from your cd/dvd drive, locate your SAM file in your windows folder .. and then crack ...
Hope you know what to do ...


I have had this a few times, not sure how affective it is on Windows 7 + but for Windows XP I used either Hirens Boot CD or Ultimate Boot CD to wipe the administrator password allowing you to gain access again to your system.

Hope this helps

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