Finally a decent site that I have found that may help me.......(all others seemed shotty)

My problem lies here, I was using my computer late at night at which i left my desk (computer still on and running) to head to bed. I came back in the morning and noticed it off, so i pushed the power button to start it and it does even flicker. The only thing that shows a sign of life is a little green standby light in the corner of my computer.

I brought my PC down to a Barebone of: Asus K8V-SE Socket 754 with an Athlon 64 3200+ CPU. A stick of 256 mb ram (dont know the brand).

I havent even included my graphix card because even with the mobo and CPU, PS, and RAM hooked in, it wont even give me a beep.

Now i would just replace the mobo as i am still convered by waranty, but i am intrigued to know why the stand-by light is on when i turn on the PSU. This means that the PSU is giving power and that the MOBO is getting power. I have cleared the heatsink and fan of all depris and even tried to spin it, then hit power (kind of like an old airplane prop effect) with no prevail. I doubt its shorted because the board is mounted to the chasis by these plastic screws that the board somewhat snapps onto (but not in a way it would damage the board).

and why now, what would cause my computer after a years worth of use, decide one night that it should turn itself off and never turn on again.

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Sounds like a dead PSU to me.

Even thought the standby light is on? I have a feeling you may be right but, i just bought this PSU so i didnt think it would go. Another question i would like to know are, is it possible for a CMOS battery to die? It was suggested in other threads that people reset the bios by either using the jumpers of by removing the battery. Does the memory of the bios use enough power to drain a battery in lifetime?

PSU is giving the variety of voltages. Le light uses one voltage, while others can be dead.
If the CMOS battery was to blame, you would hear the HDs, fans, and there would be video output too.
If the BIOS was to blame, you would hear beeps and system would try and boot from FD (without video output).

If your mobo is still covered by waranty, I suggest you use it to eliminate the dead-mobo possibility AND new PSU.

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