I restarted my computer without installing any new hardware or software (save for an update to Firefox). Windows would not boot. A blue screen with an error flashed very quickly (could not read), and then I got the screen asking me to boot Windows regularly, last good configuration, etc. Still could not boot. I tried to follow the info found here:


HOWEVER, I cannot copy, delete, or rename:

I get an error stating that the file cannot be found. However, when I look in the directory, it is there.

Why can't I perform actions on \system? I can perform actions on all other files mentioned in the knowledgebase article. Is there something else I need to do?

Thanks in advance!

can you try booting from your windows cd, going into recovery console. (r) and once all logged in. do

bootcfg /rebuild

hit N for editing your boot.ini and N for the other item (dont remmber).

this should solve your problem.