Hey guys,

Ok having a BIG problem with my laptop. It's a Toshiba Satelleite A20, purchased in December 2003.

Just before Christmas (so Dec 2005), the screen started shaking, so that nothing was viewable anymore. Then the bottom half of the screen (only the bottom half) would sort of white-out (it would slowly turn white from the bottom of the screen up towards the middle). I freaked out and got my IT mate to look at it. He found a couple of viruses and we got rid of them. But the screen kept screwing up. Also, it is really badly overheating... the fan is constantly blaring.

Anyway, I went overseas and we just had to leave it. I got back this week and wiped it back to original settings (I had backed everything up before it started shaking).

Now its back to its original settings but the screen is still screwing up... any ideas what the HELL is going on?

We're running XP on it. With VET antivirus. OH also... my mate opened it manually and cleared some dust out of the fan and stuff, but it didnt really help.

I hope someone can help me out before I take it back to Toshiba.


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Probably need to take it back to Toshiba. It could be anything from the video card, the LCD cable, the inverter, or even a small break in the LCD screen somewhere. Usually, this stuff is a hardware issue, and isn't caused by someone monkeying around in Windows.

This same thing happened to my macbook pro a technician said it is to do with the wires connecting the keyboard to the screen. It makes me very mad :@ :'( |:-/ :icon_cry: :@:sad::icon_mad:

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