hi all,

basically due to virus's on my computer i have been forced to format my computer. before i formatted i had the latest drivers from nividia , now i can only use the very oldest ones. i have a nividia geforce 4 mx420 64mb. i have tried the forceware ones from the nvidia site , they install but when i open a half life mod ,steam and start day of defeat it runs at 10 fps (meant to get 100). i have tried uninstalling the old ones first and then installing, and i have tried leaving the old ones and installing and it gives the same outcome. i then tried drivers from other less well known sites that offer tweaked versions and still the same outcome happends. is there a setting i have to apply or am i doomed

thank you for reading and i hope u can help

On the Nvidia website, when you're choosing the driver select 'Driver archive'. For an MX420 card use no later than a 4x.xx driver ;)

could u give me a link if possible cos i cannot find what u said :o

Visit www.nvidia.com

Choose 'Download drivers'

Choose 'Graphics driver' then 'GeForce' then your operating system version. Click 'Go'.

In the menu at left of screen you will see the entry for 'Driver Archive'. Choose that and you can access previous driver versions.