This is the case. I'm building a new pc. My motherboard is ASUS A8nx32-SLI Deluxe with AMD Athalon 64 dual core cpu. Here's the problem. I cannot install windows xp. When I get the prompt "hit any key to boot from cd" it's like my keyboard loses power and the computer is stuck on stupid. I've tried different keyboards, I've used both USB and PS/2. Does anyone have any idea of what might needs to be done? I'm at my wits end on this.

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So wat happens when you boot the machine? Do the scrl lock, num lock and cap lock flash like they should? and what happens if you just let the machine go to "OS not found hit any key to continue" ? So I guess Iam asking if the keyboard ever responds they way that it should (can you go into setup)?

The keyboard works fine until it prompts me to hit a key to boot from cd. I can go in bios and the keyboard works fine. I'm starting to think I got a bad mobo.

I think you need to fine-tune the BIOS settings, especcialy memory timings and CPU.

There is a setting regarding on-board USB controller that can be disabled. (Advanced/onboard devices/NV USB controller or like that) There are 3 options regagding USB controller, and they should all be enabled. With those disabled, you would disable USB keyboard also.

You should try different optical drive before you decide to take the mobo back to the store. It can be set on wrong transfer mode or faulty.

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