I have a feeling this is probably a simple issue. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 laptop. I recently had to replace the hard drive (If you don't backup, take my advice - start doing it TODAY!) Now when I boot up one of the first things I see during bootup is:

"PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, check cable

Exiting Intel PXE ROM"

I'm being told it has something to do with resetting my CMOS. I am completely naive. What is this about? Should I be concerned? How do I fix it? Any thoughts would certainly be appreciated.

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This means that you have a setting in the bios that says something like "network boot" and it is enabled. It can be disabled with no problem. Basically what it is used for is companies that do lots of computer imaging use boot to nic to directly download an image of the computer instead of installing windows and then all the programs etc. In 10 mins or less everything is copyied over. The boot to nick boots it so you can get into the imaging server if you choose to. It, however, has to be connected to an ethernet cable which is on the same network as an imaging server. If it cant find the imaging server it panics and gives you that error. If you do not need this service then just disable the "network boot" in the bios and you wont get that error anymore. If you choose to leave it alone it will not do any harm to your computer.

I have the same PXE-E61 error.

How do I disable the Network Boot in the BIOS?

Every bios is different, so its next to impossible to tell you specific directions. Once you enter your bios, look for some setting that sounds like boot to network or something on the words of that.

To be perfectly honest I read what you previously wrote and I've been back and forth to that system in the BIOS looking for anything remotely close to "network boot", "boot to network", etc. The only thing I have found that is close: Boot Sequence which is just the order in which the computer reads the booting devices.

how about anything like remote boot, or remote startup, or start to nic...its really hard to say what the phrase might be without actually seeing the bios first hand...

Are you still able to boot your computer? after the media test failure, it should just boot to windows correct? it wont do any harm to your computer leaving it there, its just more of an annoyance.

However, if you really cant find it and you didnt have that problem when you got the computer, you can go in the bios and select reset to defaults, then save and it will reboot, and you shouldnt have the problem. You may have to correct the boot order then, but maybe not.

With my laptop Toshiba Satellite (A100-785) that I have recently bought it (less than 4 months), I’m having same problem with this message :

Intel(r) boot agent FE v4.1.18
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
Operating System not found

BIOS: The first option for the boot sequance is HD , not LAN

Does that indicator for the HD problem ?

Maybe it's a hard disk or software (OS) problem. Try to reinstall or repair your operating system.

Try to reinstall or repair your operating system.

I was not able to do that , because the CD complained that I could not be able to find the HD.

Okay reset the bios in default values then start your computer.

If it doesn't work, it's time to work with your hard drive.

Try to pull your hard drive out in its bay and put it back again (bad connection between the sockets sometimes occurred) then start your computer.

Test your hard drive in another system.

The problem now is the computer I think it's still under warranty. Let the store where you bought it test the hard drive.

hi everyone this is my first posting so bare with me
i have a hp laptop ze4140 i also get the same message check media cable
also there is no hd recognised in the bios and i have changed the boot sequence loads of times. the only thing i can think of is the hard drive but when i took the hard drive out i noticed it never had a black connector thingy on the hard drive could that be a problem
please help thanks in advance

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