Ok, let me see if I can explain my problem without causing too much confusion! :o
I recently bought a new computer. My old one had a regular old monitor (whatever you call the big, chunky, fat kind!), with a 16" display, and everything looked great. My new monitor is a 17" LCD (HPvs17), and I'd love to love it, but most of the stuff displayed on it is too small! Now, there isn't a problem with me finding text size options in the view menu of IExporer. The text, buttons and such on the top of my browser look just fine. The problem I have is that many web pages don't fill my screen (some are only half of my display, or a little more), or, for example, when I'm on the desktop and I right click, properties, the little box you get with your screen saver tabs, etc, is too small. I've tried fiddling with the resolution options in the advanced display settings, but that just makes everything look wierd. Is there something I'm missing??? I don't understand why every web page filled my screen with my old monitor, which isn't that much smaller, yet I sit here straining my eyes on my brand new "fancy shmancey" LCD!! LOL!
Am I making any sense? I mean, I'm no computer wizard, but I'm not dense (although I feel like it at this moment!). I understand that some web pages are designed to fit a smaller screen, etc, but it's not only when I'm on line. It just seems to me that I should be able to see BETTER on a bigger screen!
Thanks in advance for understanding replies! I hope someone has an answer for me.

Ok the answer is really easy. Your old computer's video card was set to a different resolution. Most likely it was either 800x600 or 1024x768. I would recommend right clicking on the desktop and click properties. Then click on the tab that say settings. On that screen you can set your resolution. Just adjust that to a smaller number until you are comfortable with the size.

Oh man, thanx!
I can see again! After all that, I just simply over complicated everything!

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