I have AMD Athlon "Barton" XP3000+ 333fsb (socket A) CPU on Abit AN7 nForce2 Motherboard. This worked like a dream until one day i noticed that one of my games was running slow, so i thought i would check and see if all the computer was working properly, but to my horror the computer had de-clocked (if thats the right word) itself from 3.2ghz to 1.9ghz, i have got it back up to 2.16ghz (by increasing the power settings in the bios slightly)but this is not good enough as i play a lot of 'hungry' games that use all of the memory when in use.

Any ideas how i can get it back upto the origanal 3.2ghz?

Any help would be appreciated

DSapseid :cry:

2.16Ghz is the correct operating frequency for your Athlon XP "3000+". I seriously doubt that your CPU was running at 3.2Ghz and if it was, you've probably got a new overclocking record on your hands!

If you play a lot of resource hungry games, I suggest you look at your video card and possibly RAM (if the hard drive is being accessed mid-game).

My graphics card is a 256mb nvidia sparkle and i have 1500mb ram.

my computer was defiantely running at at least 2.8ghz and as far as i can rememeber 3ghz.

thanks for your reply, and any suggestions on a new amd cpu that would work with my motherboard.


I can't really recommend a new CPU for your current motherboard. The only other, faster model available is a 3200+, and the performance difference would be negligible. Even so, a 3000+ is still a capable chip.

The amount of RAM on your video card does not determine the performance - you need to tell me what kind of chipset it has, as well as the model number Sparkle uses to identify it.

The graphics card is NVidia Sparkle Geforce FX5700 256mb

Thanks Again


Your card isn't too bad, but what kinds of games are you trying to play?

Far Cry, Unreal Tournament as an example of 2

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