Hi guys,

I have a SATA hd having windows XP installed in it. After that i used PATA hd for a while and now i want to use my previous hd..i.e the SATA hd. But when i connect the SATA hd , the system is not recognising the presence of a hd in it. Do I have to make some changes in the BIOS as per the suitability to SATA ?

Also, in future i want to make these 2 harddisks (1. Pata(20 Gb(having both Windows and linux installed in it)) and 2. SATA (120 Gb(having only windows installed in it))) into a master-slave system. Kindly tell me how to go about it and which one should be the master disk ?

Also, I think that it is worth noting that i'm using an AMD Athlon Processor.

Kindly help me out with both the problems.

first of all have you installed SATA drivers? install them nd windows will see the hd.

Yes, I have. I installed it for windows using the floppy and it was working fine...Now when i disconnected it and want it use it now again(with windows already in it) Do I have have to reinstall it? Please help!

if you installed sata drivers to both os's(win on PATA, win on sata), then you don't have to reinstall them, if not you have.