Hey folks,

I have a fujitsu/siemens laptop with an SVideo out socket on the back of it, i plugged an svideo cable into it then the other end into my TV (the white, red and yellow end). i then started browsing my AV channels but no picture. I went into display properties and enabled the 2nd monitor option and still nothing.

Can someone give me advice on this one as im not sure what im missing or doing wrong.

Thanks for your time


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a lot of times you need to hit fn and one of the "F_" buttons. My dell is F7.

And just an fyi, that port on the back of the computer is not an svideo connection. Although they look similar, its just a laptops video out. Their pins are a little different than svideo, and svideo does not carry sound either.

thanks for the reply, will try what you suggested later


I have a magnavox and I can get to show my desktop background but nothing else that I am doing...... why is that?

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