Have an SATA adaptor to allow an SATA drive to be used in a machine intended for an IDE drive. There is a power connector that is connected to a counterpart power connector from the system board. I need a power cable to go directly to the SATA drive. Images Click Here of my circumstance are uploaded to a Microsoft folder. Guidance sought

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I see a spare molex plug in there. Perhaps this or this would help you.

I dont know where you live so have a look for molex sata power adaptors near your location.

Hope that helps.

Looking at your pictures there, it looks to me that you already have power feeding the converter board with a four pin floppy drive power connector. Please be careful in how you set this up, we don't want you to fry your HDD..

I've found this PATA To SATA converter that seems very similar, if not the same, as yours. (The device pictured is encased) Do you have a make or model name for your card?

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