Hello all, I have a old HP DC5100 MT computer that has been passed on to me. I am trying to give it back life. It had a power supply problem and after replacing it's power supply I get 3 beeps from the motherboard. If I remove the CPU, I actually get 4 beeps. I have tested it out with ram and without, the result is the same. I am sure that the connectors are well placed, and I can only suspect that the problem is on the Motherboard and not the CPU. I am looking for an expert opinion on this.
Here's some info about the components:

Motherboard: http://www.ctsestore.com/hp-compaq-socket-775-motherboard-376570-001-375089-001-dc5100-tower
Original Power Supply: http://www.ctsestore.com/hp-compaq-300w-power-supply-ps-5301-08hp-366307-001-366505-001-dc5100-tower
New power supply: http://approx.es/APP500PS#.U4dhvfldWSo
CPU : Pentium 4 630 SL7Z9

Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to give some life back to the computer, the CPU is a good one for not so tough things.

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Hello Pedro 3,

For one thing: If you removed the CPU (and/or RAM modules) from the motherboard, then yes- you will definitely get a different "Beep Code" than the one you originally got.
BIOS beep codes relate to the installed hardware, so if you change any of that hardware, you will get different beep codes.

You said that you originally got 3 beeps; did those beeps repeat at a certain interval, or did you just get 3 beeps and nothing further?

I am sorry for the late reply. I don't know exactly what fixed it but after going through every cable, resetting CMOS and running the PC without ram I stopped getting that error. Furthermore, I had a bad RAM stick, so after I removed it the PC booted without problem.

Thank you nevertheless for your answer!

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