So hear is the story. My friend moved and when he went to conncet his PC he said it wasn't working. He had another friend come over who started making all kinds of BIOS settings to get it to run.

The PC powers on fine, POSTS fine and you can see video. The Windows XP loading screen displays fine, but once it goes to load Windows the signal goes dead. Sounds like a driver issue or bad resolution settings right? Well, I can not get it to boot to safe mode and booting to VGA mode does that same thing as regular - no singal to the monitor.

The monitor is fine I have tried that on another PC. I put a new video card in his PC and it does the same. I reset the BIOS to default and took out the CMOS battery. Still nothing. There is no onboard video card.

The MB is an Asus A7N8X
video card Gforce fx5200

Any ideas?

I did have this problem with a Dell Computer that I had. The solution that I had was that I reinstalled Windows. The only reason I did this was because I wanted to restart the whole drive. However, you most likely can used the Windows CD to recover Windows. After you recover Windows make sure you locate the correct driver for your video card. Let me know if this helps you

i'm having this problem aswell...but i already tried formatting the driv and installing windows...still does this....i got windows installed the point it wants to load...then BAM...blank screen

i tried all the bios settings cant be a driver issue

my best guess is the worst....i'm thinking something happened in the motherboard to cause issues with maybe running 32bit video

cause like the other guy...the screen works fine in POST..and boot...even in SAfe mode..before i in the install process....but in windows bam...nothing

so maybe board fried..can't handle video 32bit somehow...i dunno ...

i tried different monitors and bios settings..formatted 2 times and tried to resintall's a older Emachine runing XP......i have fixed hundreds of computers..never have i seen this