Hi, I built a computer a couple of years ago. It is an AMD 64 3000+ on a Gigabyte motherboard with a Gig of RAM. I leave it switched on most of the time but about a week ago, it totally crashed. There was just a blank screen and then it wouldn't boot up again. When I switched it on,the monitor wouldn't come on but everything else seemed to power up. Then a couple of days ago, we had to switch the house power supply off. Since then the computer won't even switch on and the temperature monitor has no power either (this is not connected to the motherboard). The wierd part is that the keyboard lights still come on, and when I press the power button, there is a little light on the motherboard that comes on. If I hold the power switch down, the motherboard light goes off again. Apart from that the computer is totally dead. It makes no noise at all. Any suggestions to what it could be?

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Well, lets start with the basic stuff. During the time the computer did work or was plugged in, was there any electrical surges (lighting and the like)? Are there any small children or curious adults possibly fiddling with the machine and finally, have you checked to make sure that all the plugs, cables, connectors and such have been plugged in correctly?

No there were no lightning strikes and the computer is plugged into a surge protector. There are no kids or anyone else that would have been messing with it. I have tried unplugging components to try and get it to power up. I removed the graphics card, RAM, unplugged the hard drives and also the network card. It still won't power up.

Change the power supply.

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