Windows 7 64 bit. Card im currently trying is ATI Raedon HD 2400. I have dual vga cable from pc to both monitors. It will never identify #2 monitor. both displayed as option one. and yes my extended view is selected from the set up. What am I doing wrong and what do I need to fix it please?

You are not providing enough information other than you only see one monitor. What does the "Screen Resolution" option (right click on screen) show you? Can it see/detect both monitors? Have you tried a set of DVI cables (assuming the monitors support DVI)?

It could be that the connector on the graphics card only supports one monitor.
Have you tried to connect the second monitor to an second connector?

Could you please explain your problem a bit more broader as the information provided will not help us to provide a solution for you.

If your particular HD 2400 came from a Dell or your computer is a Dell, then it's not possible to display a stretched desktop across two monitors (due to the configuration of the card). The best you can do is get a splitter, but that will display the same desktop twice. If you have a non Dell specific HD 2400, you should be able to connect two DVI-D monitors through a splitter and get the effect you want. You can't connect one monitor to the analog port and one to the digital port and have them both display.

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