my laptop Keyboard i enter 'o' but show '6'. 'o' 'm' 'p' 'K' 'l' 'u' are same can solve it.please help me

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Sounds like your keyboard has the standard number keybad on top of the qwerty keyboard. There's probably a 'numlock' light lit as well. Just turn off numlock and you'll be ok.

Your kbd might have an 'Fn' key that is used in combination with another key to enable/disable the numlock.

I'm sorry for not fully understanding your question, but just to clarify... when you press 'o' a different character appears?

You may have accidently changed the language of your keyboard. It's easy to do this with two keys on your keyboard. Please press the left 'ALT' key with the left 'SHIFT' key, does that fix the problem? That key sequence alternates the language of your keyboard to any languages made available in your keyboard settings.

If this doesn't help, please say.

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