im running on windows vista home premium, 32 bit. my gateway laptop is a t-series which i forgot the model and I'm unable to find the model name here in the net. but the model no is w350A. I had this for 2 years already and this problem started 2 weeks ago.

When i start the laptop, it usually boots normally to vista but it doesn't do that now. It gets stuck on the 1st page i can see - the gateway logo with label in black background and BIOS Setting [f2] and BOOT Menu [f10] on the lower right of the screen.

of course, stuck in the booting, i wanted to press f10 to enter boot menu but that does nothing. on the other try, when i hit f2, a "please wait..." appears in the lower left and will do again nothing (waited hours and nothing happened).

One time, i tried escape button and it brought me in this screen:
pheonix trustedcore(tm) NB
copyright 1985-2006 Phonex.....
all rights reserved

BIOS version 90.03

AMD turion(tm) 64 X2 Mpbile.....

(numbers of ram, cache)
system bios shaddowed
video bios shadpwed
atapi cd-rom: optiarc dvd rw /....

Press f2 to enter set up

when i press f2. it will tell me to please wait again. then nothing happens.

Getting frustrated, i tried pressing different buttons which i don't remember that made me enter the boot menu. if i remembered it right, it allowed me to choose between to kinds of boot and when i choose realtek, it goes to booting vista and i can use the laptop. but when i turned it off, im done again.

I tried pressing different buttons again on the next day and it worked and i still dont know what i pressed but this time, there was a repair option and i selected it. after waiting for the repair for less than an hour, it restarted and the boot was smooth flowing. the next time i opened the laptop again, it wont boot again.

i need help. :(

...try reset your CMOS battery on your laptop..^_^..

what's CMOS battery? i dont think the problem's on the battery.

Pls reinstall Your Windows Vista. Its problem with yours boot able file of system.

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