Hi folks. Some urgent help needed.

I'm using an Acer V193W monitor out of a Nvidia GTX 960 card. DVI output to VGA input via a converter.

I've used this configuration before and it used to work perfectly. Correct 1440x900 resolution.

Since then I've only changed the cable and converter and now suddenly the resolution won't display correctly. Nvidia Control Panal shows 1024x768 as the native resolution and "Analog Display" as the monitor. Even though Device Manager on my Windows 7 machine says the Acer V193W driver is properly installed. I also just updated the Nvidia driver. No luck.

What to do?

I would try a different converter and/or cable. Some of the converters do not pass all of the pins that VGA can use just the ones that they have to for you to get a picture. Also try updating the monitor driver from device manager.

So change my VGA cable and its DVI converter?

Anything specific I should mention before getting another cable and converter? They all look the same, with the same pin configuration.

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