Hello all-

I was trying to hook up an external ZIP drive(SCSI) to my old W98 machine. I didn't have the software disk for that drive, but that drive had been hooked up to that system before and worked fine.

I couldn't figure out why it didn't work, so I decided to go into the controll panel and RESTORE to a time when it DID work. There was only one date in the restore options window, and I chose it.

Now when I try to boot- it will go through the WINDOWS screen, then it comes to a "blank" PACKARD BELL screen (like a default desktop) only there is no menu bar or start button, no icons, etc. - just the blank screen.

I don't remember a warning that said I would lose everything on the computer- and I hope I didn't- HOW DO I FIND OUT?:?:

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Put that hard drive in another computer as a slave hard drive. Check out the folders of your computer for your files. Hopefully they will still be there


If you did loose everything, i recommend the program SpinRite 6 to try to recover it. It has worked wonders for me, with some of my customers.

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