Can anyone help me? My Panasonic laptop starts to boot up, shows the Windows test card but then goes blank. I can hear it continuing to boot, and I can hear it reach the Windows jingle, but I can't see a thing.

I can restart with Ctrl/Alt/Delete, but that is all I can do because there is no display on the screen. :cry:

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Try botting in VGA mode with F8 the resolution may be set to high and making your screen freak out trying to provide a picture it just cant. Once in (if it works) check and change the resolution.


Thanks, Shawn :)

Um... how do I do it in VGA mode with the F8 thingie and change the resolution? Switching on and off is about all I can do, lol.


Sorry, while it is booting hold the F8 key, a menu screen should show up. One of the choices will be VGA Mode. Select that with the arrow keys and press enter. If it works past that then right click on the desktop and move over to the settings tab, drag the slider from whatever it currently is to whatever your choice is 800 x 600 if you have bad vision or 1024 x 768 which is the normal display for most computers. Click apply, and if it got this far restart and enjoy.

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