Recently I just re-install Window XP Home Edition (Dell Dimension 4550) and now I am having another problem. No Sound! I have a Creative SB live! Series (WDM) version plug in inside my computer, and I didn't move and remove anything after the re-installation of win xp. Everything seemed to work fine.
In the Device Manager, the Sound device properties.
There the Device Status says:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)
This code is also showing on my CD/DVD drives properties. and which they aren't working too..

Also in the sound,audio device properties, it says there are no audio device, and i can't seem to setup any volume control, speaker settings and there is nothing on the default device on the audio tag.
I tried to reinstall the sound driver many times but it doesn't work.
Any help or advice would be Great
Save my comp please >.<

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I had a similar problem with a system I just put together. The resolution I found for my problem was to install XP upgrade to SP2 then installed the audio drivers.



Thank you for the feedback

I will try to install the service pack 2 right away


hey again zelkea
I would be really appreiciated if you can provide a link for the service pack 2 package. cuz I can't find them on the microsoft webpage..
I will try to find the link again

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