Hello all,

I have an Asus p4p800 MOBO, with 2GB Corsair duel channel RAM and a EVGA Geforce 7800GT CO vid card,

All my hardware components have been in use for about a year now, no problems.

When i turned on my computer last night i smelled a funny burning smell which i attributed to dust in my PSU (i had the computer on it's back for 10ish days previous) then when i got to windows desktop (i DID get there the first time) i had forgotten to plug in my keyboard, so i plugged it and restarted.

On restart: Power came on but there was NO display on my monitor (no POST) and there was a strange beep code:

1 beep, pause, 6 short beeps...

ok, now i'm not sure which to count, apperently 6 beeps means dead Keyboard / Keyboard controller chip, but 7 means Dead CPU....

My CPU has always been solid, never ever had any heating issues, and other then heat it's VERY hard to fry a CPU...

Have tried with no keyboard, nada.
have tried resetting CMOS, nada.

Please, people that know more then me, help...


- Nik

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Not really a bump, but i am having the exact same problem with my mobo. I have a p4p800s, with 2 gig of ram. with only processor vid card and ram installed i get the same beep code. my keyboard was usb so went and got a ps2 keyboard with the same result. tryied googling and found this site.

thanks in advance,



Sorry, no real clue on this. But plugging a PS2 keyboard in a running computer can be a bad idea, I guess. You may have turned the jack just the wrong way when you tried to plug it in without clear sight. The PS2-connector can be pretty unsafe in this concern. But maybe you have a USB keyboard...I would strip down the hardware to the "barebone" (as described in the sticky thread in this forum) configuration now. Trying another PSU would be the other thing that comes into my mind. I hope your MoBo is ok, crossing fingers for you...


well, after checking and rechecking all my cables makeing everything was pluged in i finally gave up and replaced my mobo. fixed that problem. so next time some one says they get 6 beeps after post you all can tell them its prolly the keyboard controller chip. though i really cannt confirm this other than replacing the mobo fixed it. this of course after going through all the normal trouble shooting steps.

and no, im not silly enough to plug in a ps2 key board with the computer on.

and having said that, i've got a new problem now, when i get to the windows loading screen, the one before screen name and password the computer restarts. everytime. /sigh. don't ya just love computers. hahahaha.



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