I 've had a flat screen monitor for about a year and recently it has been acting really weird. The screen would flicker and the desktop setting is "out of bound". It would flicker and the settings will be back to normal and then flicker again and it would be "out of bound" again, then sometimes the color would become darker... Everytime it flickers, there's this weird clicking sound coming from the monitor...as if the bulb inside is going to break...Can anyone tell me if it's fixable or what can I do to make it stop?

Check the refresh rate setting in the 'Advanced' settings of display properties. You have somehow set a refresh rate thqat is higher than your monitor is designed to handle, or have software installed which has settings which override the system settings and iare pushing the monitor beyond specified settings.

You need to determine where the setting change is coming from, and ensure that selected settings do not exceed the maufacturer recommended specifications for your particular monitor.

If it's not in display settings, then check all graphics utilities and games for excessive settings.

That sounds like a cracked flyback (high voltage) transformer (assuming a CDT monitor). It will fail completely in a short time.

Our stupid economy makes it cheaper to replace the monitor than to repair it.

Thanks a lot for your help guys!
But I also think it's gonna give up on me soon....
Although i have a theory that maybe it's because there's not enough airflow going to it....since i kind of have it enclosed in a small space....