Alright, so here's the problem:

My laptop freezes on me. Hardcore. Seems like everything in it freezes with it including system/internal timing. So it freezes to the point that it doesn't even realize that it's freezing. Well, here is the kicker: If I apply pressure at certain angles (the angle differs, depending on my laptop's mood) and at different strengths of pressure.

I took my laptop apart (as best as I could without breaking and of the plastic molding) and everything, within view at least, seemed to be connected other than one small ribbon cable, which I delicately put back into place...

My efforts were to no avail and I still have to apply about 5 pounds (minimum... leading to some serious wrist pain) of pressure for my laptop to do its thing.

Any help would be severely appreciated.


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Altough i have never expirenced this issue personally, others here at daniweb have found out that it is likely that your motherboard is warped and your ram modules are not getting full connection because the board is slightly warped.

Is there any known way to keep the connectivity up between the RAM and the motherboard?

I was thinking about that myself before i finished posting...i am not sure. That may not even tbe the problem either. its hard to say

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