I am attempting to build a rig with the following setup:

C2d 1.86ghz
ASUS P5L-MX LGA 775 Intel 945G Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
2GB Corsair Value Ram
320 WD HD
ATI X1650 Video Card
Roswill 480w PSU

This is a budget build so as you can see with the above listed parts, I tryed to save some money.

I put everything together, as I have done in the past ( 4th build) and tryed to power it up. The CPU fan turns, the video fan turns, I hear the HDD booting. I hear the customary one beep when you turn on the unit. But i get no video at all. I tryed the on board video and still nothing. I am going to sleep on it and try again in morning. I have a few questions;

1. Can the onboard video work witth he Video card attached to the MBO? Just for testing purposes.

2. Right after I initially pushed the power button for my first test I noticed that the CPU fan was not plugged in ( I know!) and I immidiatley shut down the PSU. Could this short time with no CPU fan have fried the chip?

3. The case is cheap, I wont ever buy this type again. (link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811156053) It comes with three (yes 3!) standoff's. Instead the MBO tray has raised "bubble-like" areas that fit the MBO perfectly. Has anyone had experiece with this type of case? I was thinking no standoff's=fried MBO's. There are like two standoff's placed at other points on the MBO.

One last note. When the PSU is powered on there IS a green light that goes on on the MBO.
All these items are from NEWEGG.com and I can RMA any of them. I have never run into this problem before and just need some help figuring out what it is. Since there is no video at all, I am assuming it is a fried MBO or bad video card.

Sorry this is so long, and thanks in advance for your assistance.

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bad RAM, CPU, Video or Mobo yeah

Which Crucial modules did you use? ASUS can be a little picky about what RAM it likes.

It was the case. It has bubble'd out area's that you screw the MBO into instead of standoff's. It was creating a grounding issue with the board. I obtained a different case and it works like a charm. thanks

yeah i was gonna mention that. Usually the idea is tha that you put foam in that slot, no? thats how it is in my server + media centre pcs

yea this case was like $20 bucks on newegg....didnt come with anything like that. Def. wont be buying cheap case again...

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