Okay, here we go...

what I ordered:








PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817148027



and I'm using an SATA drive.

Okay... Here's the story...

As you can see, I've pretty much ordered a new system to build, well... I installed everything down to the detail.. made sure motherboard was fully grounded, heatsink is locked in tightly (though I had huge problems with the heatsink attaching it to the processor.), switches plugged in correctly, jumpers left on default (read over motherboard manual many times to ensure no changes needed to boot.)

Okay, the issue... whenever I have all the hardware installed, I go to start the machine, well I turn the PSU on, and I get a green light on the motherboard. I press the power button, NOTHING happends, no fans, no lights, nothing... the only thing is the motherboard light.

So, which means the motherboard is getting power, but its not starting?

Okay, I thought the motherboard may be bad, ordered a new one, installed it... SAME THING!

I'm stuck, I even tried different PWRswitches from an another machine to confirm the case's switches werent bad, same results as before, nothing.

So my thinking is, can it be the motherboard? Obviouslly not with a new one tested and same result, PSU? The board's light is on, Processor? Wouldnt the PC still start (fans spinning or lights) without the processor? at this point, I'm clearly stumped... and very fraustrated of being unsure what to exactly do.

I keep thinking it could only be the case switches or psu, though I cant confirm the PSU because I dont have another PC.

Does anyone have any idea's?

I'm so desperate, I'll offer a reward to one to solve this or point me toward the right direction.


Hey Maple,
On your motherboard, do you have power going to both the 24-pin connector and the 4-pin located right next to it? I looked at your power supply and it does not appear to have a 4-pin connector. You should be able to pick up a 4-pin connector from any computer store. It should like the one in the picture here.



Switch i either not connected properly to the psu / motherboard or your PSU isnt giving enough juice