Hi All,

Last Year I Had A Person Talk Me Into Upgrading From
Windows Xp To Windows Xp Professional, Since Then I Have Not Been Able To Recieve New Updates, I Want To Have The Original System Reformated, So I Bought A Reformat Disk, Shut Down System Then Put Disk In, But Nothing Happened, What Am I Doing Wrong, Can Someone Out There Lend A Hand, Thanks All, Have A Good Day.

What do you mean new updates? Home and pro have EXACTLY the same updates. I think you have been conned as unless you are on a big network there is no need for pro.

If you want to go ahead, you need to tell your PC to bot from the CD by pushing a key immediately at bootup (usually del or something) and changing the boot order

Yeah i agree. I think you have been conned. Depending what your using the computer for XP home should have been ample for you. You should be able to do updates as in windows update as long as you have an authentic serial key.
As for having to buy a reformat disk the XP disk should do this as long as its not an update disk.
Also if pressing del when starting up doesnt work try pressing F2.
Hope this helps, Nick