I have Lenovo Ideapad 320 i7 8550u 8th Gen laptop

it has below display adapotrs
AMD readon TM 530
Intel(R) UHD graphics 620

I want to add two or three external monitors but it has only one HDMI port, Two USB 3.00 and one Type-C 3.1 port

how can i connect 2nd & 3rd monitors .
How to know USB 3.0 and Type-c 3.1 connected to my onboard graphics card
How to know if usb to VGA adapter cable will suppot additional monitor before buying expensive external graphic card.


You asked about some USB to VGA adapter cable but didn't supply the link. That said there has never been a "cable" that adapts USB to VGA without some circuitry but there are scammers that will sell under 10 dollar cables that don't work. Only the new or foolish buy these. Sorry if you feel slighted by me writing that.

I never could find your laptop model so if you want this many monitors the solutions are USB to video convertors which are mildly priced to some USB 3.x to Display Port which will only require one adapter for many displays. The downside is speed but for stock charting, excel and such will be fine.

how can i check if my USB-C port is display port or not

Ask the laptop maker. In your posts you never shared the maker's site or link to what model you have so it's best to talk to the maker's support now.

It's still good for other things like high speed usb to video cards.