i am trying to add two external monitors to extend screen on my toshiba laptop through vga and hdmi port . But only one is working. i cannot detect second monitor. if i plugout one other is working then. how to add two monitors?

display card is :intel(r) hd graphics 4000


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That does show USB C. https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/acc100310 is by Lenoovo so with a single adapter this gets us to DisplayPort which makes it easy to have many displays.


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Read tech spec abot your graphic card - max count of monitors, sum of max pixel-width and sum of max pixel-height

I cannot find proper details for this card

Many Intel Graphics just can NOT support more than one external display. This is most likely why you can't do this.

To get to 3 you need to look for USB to HDMI or such USB External Video Cards.

In deskside support it is common practice for us to use port replicators to accomplish a dual monitor setup. Matter of a fact it is probably your best choice unless you have a high end laptop with an onboard graphics card that supports dual monitors. If this the case then you may need to just update your graphic cards driver's.

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@Shyne-1, most folk when they want more than 1 monitor want each monitor to have each display showing unique content. REPLICATORS don't do this. Be sure to tell all about this replicator since folk new to this will run out and buy such and then be very upset at the advice.

i have decided to dispose off the old laptop and buy new with below configuration

Lenovo Ideapad 320 , 8th Gen. Intel quard Core i7 8550U, 8GB RAM,
4 GB RADEON graphics M530 GDDR5 (32GB/s)

But have only one HDMI port to connect monitors and 3 USB port

Now my concern is will i be able to connect three External Moniters with 3 Port HDMI Switch through one HDMI port and will it work properly.

Is there any hardwere to attached Three monitors


A 3 port switch would not replicate HDMI output nor let us show content on more than one display at a time.

It's a shame I can't decode which 320 you have. Some have DISPLAY PORT which you can daisy chain DISPLAY PORT monitors.

But as it stands you are likely going to have to buy some USB to HDMI video cards.

it is Lenovo IDEAPAD 320- 81BT000XAX

How about a link to that model at Lenovo. I didn't find it so I can't check the ports available. But at this point you know so my bet is the USB video cards are required. These are a little slow so no games. OK for Word, Excel, etc.

2 USB 3.0
1 USB-Type C
4-in-1 card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)

suggest any best performing USB 3.0 VIDEO CARDS. I am not fond of games. i do visual basic programing . Three monitors will help in arranging tools, properties window etc and google serch on different monitors.

Sorry but that I can't do. I had hoped you would supply a link to the model but I can't find that. I have yet to find any tests for "best performing" so I can't do that either. I'd stick with USB 3.0 video cards from best sellers on newegg or amazon.

If you do supply a working link to your exact model at Lenovo I will check it out to see if you can avoid USB video cards.


i have found UNITEK USB 3.0 Type C Multiport Hub with power dilivery which has 1- port USB type A + 2 Port HDMI + I Port VGA output

will i still need to buy USB 3.0 video cards or the above hub will connect the monitors ?

@PM312. I'm not Unitek's support or sales department. If they can't answer your pre-sales support question, why buy that at all?

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