I wanted to setup dual monitor, before trying to purchase I looked up at few articles and forums and most of them had language suggesting it is easy and straight forward. I visited 4 stores and they wasn't sure what they are talking about, 2 of them directly denied that there is any such thing as dual monitor and rest of the 2 wasn't sure about what will work and what not.

I have a HD monitor, Intel i5-4460, 8GB and H81M-S motherboard with single vga output. I don't have graphics card, but from few searches I assumed it will be enough to setup dual monitors without graphics card.

I wanted to get an Full HD monitor and use it along with current HD monitor. So my question is will I be able to setup HD and full HD monitor? From what I gathered today, I will need a graphics card but I don't want to spend too much so can you please suggest a few average graphics card which I can use to setup dual screens. I will mostly use it for Web Development and maybe Android app development in future.

Any suggestions will be great. Thanks.


This one is simply no.

and the onboard might disable

Somewhat confusing reply.

Can you please confirm if I can use HD and full HD monitors without any issue? In one thread I read that using different types of output ports(example: vga for 1 monitor and DVI for another) can cause issues, is that true?

be sure your card notes dual monitor support.

I thought all modern graphic cards support at least 2 monitors.

No you may not use more than ONE monitor at a time.

You may not also use a DVI-D (there are no less than 5 types of DVI, you must specify) since the board you wrote about has no such connection.

Now that you are possibly going to add a video card, there are a few cheaps ones that are single monitor use only. Until you know what you are getting plus full model numbers on the monitors the answer will be no or unclear.

Ya I mean after purchasing graphics card will I be able to use 1 HD and 1 Full HD monitor?

You may not also use a DVI-D (there are no less than 5 types of DVI, you must specify) since the board you wrote about has no such connection.

No I mean, I looked at few graphics cards most of them have single VGA output, one or two DVI and/or HDMI outputs. For example 'Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce (GV-N740D5OC-2GI)' has 1 VGA, 2 DVI and 2 HDMI outputs. So if I use HDMI for 1 monitor and VGA for other, will that be issue? Also, does using outputs of motherboard and graphics card simultaneaosly works?

I would have asked these questions to dealers directly but after today's experience I am not sure I will get right answers from them.


Again, no. Not that simple. Since only you know what the monitors are (no model numbers in your posts) as well as what video card you are considering, only you can answer "will it work?"

If you want a clear answer you'll need to supply details such as monitors you have and what card you will likely buy.

It mostly depends upon the video card you are going to use. I have dual monitor support on my server (a Linux CentOS system with nVidea 1800GT card w/ 2 ports). My laptop has an HDMI and VGA ports, and runs an nVidia GTX card. Unfortunately, it will display the same output on both monitors... :-( I will report back if I can overcome this problem.

ohk I got it. Thanks. I will shortlist few options first.

I bought 'gigabyte geforce gt 740' and LG Monitor, both support HDMI. I needed extra PCIE power cable as my PSU didn't have one, luckily my PSU is 400W as required for this graphics card. After installing graphics card and drivers for it, everything was straight forward. I just connected both HD and Full HD monitors and they work perfectly fine, I didn't even have to configure anything after connecting. In some cases you may have to detect display from 'Screen Resolution' screen and extend displays under 'Multiple displays' dropdown.